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Startup Arewa

“Startup Arewa is creating an ecosystem that stimulates tech entrepreneurship and fosters economic growth. We develop programs that equip and empower entrepreneurs, inspire innovation, and allow all in the ecosystem to share"

We are an ecosystem that supports ICT focused tech and media entrepreneurs and individuals who aspire to create great companies that tackle some of our biggest challenges. We will create a community built on trust and respect that will be focused in creating an enabling environment for these start-ups

START UP AREWA was established to organize, empower and promote Northern Nigeria technology and Startup Ecosystem with the overarching goal of using technology and startups as a strategy to combat unemployment and poverty across the Northern Nigeria.

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Our Organization


To empower northern innovators and startups with the right education, network, funding and market required to build and deploy sustainable and profitable products, brands, processes and systems to grow the northern/Nigerian economy


To become a leading northern innovation and startup ecosystem driver .

Our Core Values

Ecosystem: we are committed to mapping and organizing all the required resources across the Northern Nigeria to support the birth and growth of innovation and startups in the region

Innovation: we drive innovation by supporting innovators and startups in developing and deploying innovative solutions across the Arewa States and beyond.

Credibility: We support innovators and startups with over combined 50 years of experience, insights, resources, networks and tools found in our ecosystem to earn investors and partners trust

Development: we are on a mission to engineer the development of native solutions that will support in achieving the Government development needs in the Northern Region of Nigeria.

Our Story

Starting from the unveiling Bootcamp in Kaduna at Sir Ahmadu Bello Memorial Foundation Hall to its series of over 20 Bootcamps across the Northern Nigeria engaging over 5000 Startups, innovators, public-private leaders with different levels of supports from Private-public, media and Civil Society Organizations (CSO), Startup Arewa is now set to implement its 5 years strategic plan from 2020 to 2025 which will see the organization transcends from promoting innovators and startups to providing real time supports to them.

Business Development
Strategy & Funding

Our Services


We offer a mix of creative work spaces and meeting rooms located at kado, Abuja at no cost to tech entrepreneurs with viable ideas..


You have a tech or media content project and you don’t have the resources to develop it, we can manage development and delivery of the project for you.

Project Management

You have a tech or media content project and you don’t have the resources to develop it, we can manage development and delivery of the project for you.

Content Creation

We help our community members in delivering media contents that will help their projects/ideas gain positive exposure and increase awareness.


We have in house mentors and external individuals that contribute to providing mentorship for start-ups and scale ups that are members of our community..


Through our network of angel investors and Bilyak Funding Program we provide grants, non-interest loans and equity investment for start-ups..