Who We Are


Start up Arewa

Startup Arewa is a Tech Startup and Innovation Meet up tour powered by Emerge Tech Africa and Network of Incubators & Innovators in Nigeria (NINE), designed to organize capacity development boot camp sessions in different cities of the Northern part of the country to further boost the innovation capacity potentials of Technology Enthusiasts, Innovators and Start-ups.
The maiden edition of the Startup Arewa Hack Series hosted in Kaduna on 17th to 19th November 2016 attracted over 500 developers and Tech Enthusiasts from across the 19 Northern States of Nigeria, over 40 Resource persons from public- private sectors from Africa, Europe and America and garnered different levels of supports from Private-public, media and Civil Society Organizations (CSO).
Startup Arewa 2017 is designed to build on the successes and the outcomes of the 2016 edition towards the achievement of the grand mandate of the initiative which is developing a sustainable Arewa ecosystem and empowering Arewa based Start-ups.


Our Vision

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Our Approach

Our approach is by organizing bootcamps, hackathons, demo days, mentorship programs, capacity building programs and master dinners

Our Goals

Our major goal is to build the next generation African startups that will solve problems faced by the continent.


Our Supporters