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Welcome To Startup Arewa

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Start up Arewa

Startup Arewa is building a presence as the dominant technology activation and entrepreneurship platform for mentoring, advocacy, startup funding facilitation, and capacity development of young people across Northern Nigeria. We are consolidating on growth to serve as the bedrock of sustainable innovations, and reference for regional development.

Who we are


Startup Arewa has been in operation for the past 10 years as a project tagged “Arewa Smart Techies” which evolved into Startup Arewa in 2016 based on the massive partnership and collaboration generated while implementing the core objectives of the project. Startup Arewa is building a presence as the dominant technology activation platform for mentoring, advocacy, startup funding facilitation, and capacity development of young people across Sub-Saharan Africa; and we have emerged as the category-king across Northern Nigeria. We are consolidating on growth to deliver greater fulfillment as we serve as the bedrock of sustainable innovations, and exemplary reference for regional development in Nigeria.


Startup Arewa has strong presence in all the 19 states of the Northern Nigeria and operate in the advisory capacity to other startup organizations and events across the 36 states in Nigeria.


Startup Arewa has hosted, powered and collaborated with over 10 public organizations in startup promotions and has hosted over 2000 startups across Arewa States with access to over 10,000 Startup Database across Nigeria. Currently we are consolidating on our previously launched Campus booth camps and STEM EDUCATION across diverse tertiary institutions including the bespoke DJANGO GIRLS CODING and Digital Skills Programmes in different cities and communities.


Startup Arewa is in partnership with over 20 incubation hubs and Non-Governmental Organizations across Nigeria/Africa maintaining over 200 staffs and volunteers.


Since inception, we have consistently featured innovations in information technology and agriculture at various hackathon, driven by young people which have attracted public, private and non-profit partnership valued at over N479, 000,000.


Positioning Northern Nigeria to become the largest technology eco-system in Sub-Saharan Africa.


Empowering technology startups and entrepreneurs across the Northern Nigeria States with the strategic skills, tools, network and resources to position the region as the largest technology eco-system in sub-Sahara Africa through competitions, incubation and acceleration programmes


The strategic objective is to provide a platform for training, mentoring and incubation assistance for technology startups and entrepreneurs in all the nineteen northern States of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


Our primary beneficiaries are young people across tertiary educational institutions and young technology entrepreneurs who may be outside formal educational system. We also have an affirmative support for economically disadvantaged but talented people.

Values & Operating Principles:

We share the Values of respect for diversity, professionalism, equal opportunity, and accountability. We are working with governments and other stakeholders to ensure safe neighborhoods, by enabling means of livelihoods and a quality of living that is inspiring and resourceful. We are progressively compliant with GRI-G4 sustainability standards on market presence, procurement practices, energy, water, emissions, employment, labour relations, occupational HSE, training and education, customer health, safety, privacy, social and economic recommendations. Our programmes will always reflect the cross-cutting issues of gender, environment and conflict.


  Startup Arewa is committed to the issues of gender, youth empowerment, peace and security, and transnational learning.

What We Do

Startup Arewa is at the forefront of technology incubation initiatives in Northern Nigeria. Since 2016, we have organised several boot camps to identify everyday problems in the North and create sustainable solutions that are easily applied with core focus on the following sectors:

  1. Agriculture
  2. Fintech
  3. Security
  4. Health
  5. Education
  6. Social Good
  7. Climate Impact
  8. Commerce

We are developing indigenous capacity of young people for participation in technology for development. We are also helping Corporations identify and scale up innovations across our catchment areas.

Corporate Governance

Startup Arewa has a corporate and programme governance climate that is transparent and accountable, inspired by open standards and sustainability frameworks. We are presently consolidating for a more efficient implementation of recommended best practices on personnel, finances, materials, security, monitoring and evaluation.


  1. Technology Summits
  2. Startup Arewa tech summits in Benue, Kano, Katsina, Kebbi, Niger and Kaduna States (2016 and 2017) yielded unparallel insights on peculiar issues of needs and technology adaptation in agriculture, security, climate and health. These issues are being incorporated in policy frameworks and product development by respective stakeholders.

    We are instituting these Summits as part of advocacy, and creating same platform in other States across Northern Nigeria.

  3. Campus Bootcamps
  4. Startup Arewa Campus Bootcamp is a periodic 2-days hackathon and entrepreneurship programme exploring ICT potentials of students in tertiary institutions, harnessing the skills and building their capacity as successful technology businesses. We are collocating project sites with the institutions.

  6. Through DJANGO Girls Coding, we support Ladies to fall in love with programming thereby bridging the wide gender gap around technology. In the past we have partnered with different organizations and state governments in hosting DJANGO GIRLS CODING.

  7. STEM EDUCATION and Digital Skills Programmes
  8. We are committed in empowering young people in general with STEM education and Digital Skills Programmes across different cities in Northern Nigeria thereby building the human capital poll required to make the Northern Nigeria the largest technology eco-system in the Sub-Sahara Africa.

  9. Startup Hubs
  10. We partner with incubation and acceleration hubs across the state where we operate to place our startups in their hubs for effective support with our mentoring programmes in a sustainable way.These hubs fulfill important function of accelerating the startups, preparing them for market-readiness, funding and scaling up their innovations for the benefit of the Northern Nigeria.

  11. ESRM System
  12. Startup Arewa encourages the integration of an appropriate environmental and social risk management system in all innovations being featured at all events. As a pro-market development institution, we are also obliged to integrate ESRM in our internal operations and investment projects.

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What We Do


The journey through innovation-driven entrepreneurship education delivered by professonal tutors in several deciplines.


An event, typically lasting several days, in which a large number of people meet to engage in collaborative problem solving through computer programming.


Meeting with tech leaders to share ideas and learn with food and drinks.